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Our Chimney Sweep Services

 At Hart & Kohl, we combine traditional values with a modern approach to our chimney cleaning service.


George has an extensive background in engineering and problem-solving which complements his comprehensive training with the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, the UK's premier trade association for professional chimney sweeps. 

Being one of only a small number of NVQ Qualified chimney sweeps in the Norwich and Norfolk area, George is always eager to share his up-to-date knowledge on regulations and techniques to help you get the most out of your fire or appliance. Check out the extensive range of our services below.


We are confident you will find our leading chimney cleaning service second to none. To find out more about us, our prices and how we can help, please contact us - we would love to hear from you. 

George, at Hart & Kohl, sweeping a carefully sealed log burner, with industrial vacuum cleaner at the ready. No sign of soot!

Standard Chimney Sweep

Our standard chimney sweeping service normally comprises:

  • A functional check of the appliance and lower parts of the flue

  • External checks of the chimney stack and cowl

  • Thorough sealing of the fire / appliance before sweeping

  • A thorough clean of the whole flue using appropriate sweeping equipment

  • Safety checks including a smoke draw test

We cater for a range of appliances and fires, including:

  • Wood and multifuel stoves

  • Open fires and inglenooks

  • Range cookers / Agas / Rayburns

  • Gas fire flues

We also cover appliances fitted in:

  • Rental properties

  • Holiday homes

  • Pubs / restaurants

  • Boats

  • Yurts

  • Glamping pods / shepherd huts

CCTV Inspection

Chimneys and flues can deteriorate over time and also be subject to other problems such as blockages, animal ingress, cables, pipes or internal damage. This can adversely affect the efficiency of your fire or stove and cause potentially serious safety implications.

To help understand better the internal state of your chimney, a CCTV inspection will show a comprehensive picture of the situation and help identify any issues.


Such inspections are recommended for new installations, to help investigate problems and to help confirm the integrity of the system.

A CCTV inspection is normally conducted after the chimney is swept, with associated safety checks being applied and a formal chimney report produced.

Camera view showing the inside of a clean flue
Camera view of the inside of a clean brick flue

Pre-installation Sweep and CCTV Inspection

If you are planning to reinstate your chimney, a thorough pre-installation sweep and CCTV inspection is vital to confirm fitness for use. 
Aside from natural degradation, other changes or modifications may have occurred over time.  Examples include electrical wiring, pipework and other trade incursions, all of which affect the safe operation of your chimney. 
Our pre-installation sweep and CCTV service can help ensure a proper return to use.

Birds Nest / Bird Removal

Chimneys offer an attractive home to birds, especially jackdaws, and can present a dangerous blockage hazard once they have set up home in one. 


Nests are protected by law and cannot normally be removed during nesting season (February until August inclusive).

When it is possible to remove nests, specialist equipment is required to fully clear the debris (which can extend through much of the chimney) and confirm the chimney is fit for use.  We offer this service subject to the legal requirements for removal.

Birds nest blocking chimney flue
Inspection drone in flight

Chimney Drone Inspection

For a quick, clear and effective way to check on the state of your chimney, we offer a chimney drone inspection service. 

With the latest drone and high-definition camera technology, we can fly drones to cover chimneys of all heights.  We are CAA certified (A2 CofC open and GVC specific categories) as competent in operating drones up to 400ft above ground level. 

This allows us to:

  • Provide bespoke, professional advice on the state of your chimney

  • Advise on any repairs that may be needed

  • Save you time and money in avoiding costs of scaffolding or a cherry picker

Please note that drone inspections are subject to weather constraints and any applicable airspace controls or neighbouring obstacle or property restrictions.

New Homeowner Service

Our new homeowner service is for those who have recently moved into their home and have limited information about their fireplace or appliance.  This service will help you understand more about the integrity and operation of your installation and provide guidance on its use.  


This includes:

  • A visual inspection of accessible parts of your installation, including the fireplace area, lower part of the flue and a ground level check of your chimney terminal

  • A check of your fire and its accessible, internal components

  • A full sweep of the flue serving your fire (assuming adequate access)

  • A CCTV inspection of the flue serving your appliance

  • A flue smoke draw test

  • Compliance safety checks

  • Clear, bespoke advice on how to use your appliance safely and effectively

  • Report and certification (as applicable) documenting work undertaken and any advice/recommendations

Rustic dining room with clean logburner in brick fireplace
Multifuel stove door with damaged rope, awaiting replacement

Servicing & Repairs

Stoves wear over time, reducing their ability to burn safely, cleanly and efficiently. We can help keep your woodburner or multi fuel stove working correctly through our bespoke servicing options. 


These include:

  • Replacement of glass and door seals

  • Replacement of stove door glass

  • Replacing fire bricks

  • Renewing fire cement on connecting flue joints

  • Other conditioning and component refitting as applicable

  • Installation of soot / sweep access hatches

We can provide tailored quotes and source the necessary manufacturers’ parts according to your particular stove and requirements.

If you have any queries or require more information about our services and prices, please contact us today.

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